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McMurry University is involved in an intensive two-year project with the American Council on Education Center for Internationalization and Global Engagement. Initiated by McMurry President Dr. Sandra Harper in conversation with American Council on Education (ACE) consultant Dr. Barbara Hill, the process emphasizes the provision international education and global competency to all McMurry students, those who cannot afford to travel as well as those fortunate enough to study abroad.

McMurry’s ACE Leadership Team is guiding internationalization through this two-year process in consultation with our ACE consultant and the twelve other universities in our cohort. McMurry now has five subcommittees that are researching ways to implement this strategy in a manner that coheres with McMurry’s unique context. The subcommittees are (1) International Students and Scholars, (2) Education Abroad and Strategic Partnerships, (3) Internationalization of the Campus, (4) Teaching, Curriculum, and Research, and (5) Communication. The Leadership Team plans to have a comprehensive strategy in place by the end of the 2016-2017 academic year.


Countries of origin include Brazil, China, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Nigeria, the Philippines, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Scandinavia, and Turkey.


Model UN at McMurry University will be escaping the wintery cold of January 2018 with the National Model United Nations Conference held on the Galápagos Islands! Committees will focus on global environmental issues that directly impact this unique biosphere. In addition to the conference sessions, there will be service learning opportunities in the national park and exploration of two of the original twelve UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Ecuador. Conference sessions are held in partnership with Universidad San Francisco de Quito, located on San Cristóbal Island, on its own beach, adjacent to the national park. Dr. Olufowote will be the faculty member leading the trip.

June 13-27, 2017

Patriots and frontiersmen, adventurers and dreamers forged the United States from fire and blood, tempering their creation with ink and grit. From Pilgrim boots stepping ashore in an alien land, to the moccasins of the pioneer staking a claim to a frontier homestead, Americans hand carved their country from the wilderness.

Now you can travel awhile in their footprints by joining Bear-Leader Tours and Dr. Donald Frazier on an exciting two-week exploration of where American history was made.

This year’s expedition will start and end in Boston, the cradle of the American Revolution, with day trips to Lexington and Concord as well as Plymouth. We will then hit the road, travelling through the Hudson Valley to Saratoga Springs, taking in important sites from the French and Indian and Revolutionary wars as we go. We will even throw in a little baseball!

Then, we head off to Niagara Falls—the Canadian side. Besides this amazing natural wonder, we will wander among locations made famous in the War of 1812, including the Battle of the Chippewa, where the US Army came into its own.

Being in Canada now, we will press on to Toronto and then all the way to one of the most historic cities in North America: Quebec—one time capital of New France and perhaps the most European city this side of the Atlantic.

We will head back into the US via New Hampshire, taking time to climb Mount Washington (by cog railway) along the way. Our trip winds down on the “north shore,” where a nice beach awaits, as do adventures in the towns of Salem, Gloucester, and Newburyport.

We will eat well (think lobsters, clams, cannolis, and poutine), see important battlefields, museums, and forts, and traverse a part of the country that is full of stunning natural scenery.

We will mount educational materials online for our travelers, teachers can get CPE (continuing professional education) credit, and college students can take the trip for course credit, serving as an upper division history course.

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Take art and photography courses in Ireland, May 15-23, 2017. The following courses are offered Art History in Ireland (ARTS 3399), Photography in Ireland (ARTS 3399), and Exploring the Visual Arts (ARTS 1300). Contact Kathie Walker-Millar ( or (325) 793-3823) or Jennifer Nichols ( or 325-793-4958) for more information.